Magic Book Club

The Magic Book is a Collectors' Club Subscription Service for Potterheads located in Europe!

This Potterverse Club is operated by Olleke, a respected wizarding retailer based in United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands with several shops and online stores, since 2012. The Club expands our product range with exclusive artwork, useful and detailed wizarding products along official licensed items.

Your monthly box is designed as a voluminous book that can be used as a prop itself. Each Magic Book conceals at least 7 selected items that will be an asset to your collection. Like this Potion Cabinet, comes for free with a 4 box subscription

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As a retailer we not only have access to a large collection of items located in West-Europe. Our years of experience and expertise guides us in selecting items that are value for money.
The Subscription Service is set up for adults and can include items that are unsuitable for young children.All boxes are veganfriendly.
Due to the weight of each Magic Book, owls can't deliver the goods. Shipping is free to most European Countries and you don't have to worry about import duties when you're located in Europe.
Boxes that look like books

We don't actually provide you with reading material, we ship boxes that look like old decorative books. Hence the name Magic Book Club®. Since Harry Potter started out as a book, all the items within the box are related to the Wizarding World.

As we only sell official licensed items in our shops, we'll mix official merchandise with original and handcrafted content. You will not be able to buy the items separately, we'll order especially for the subscription service. When selecting, we bare in mind our subscription service must benefit both starting collectors and clients with extensive Harry Potter collections. We're convinced each book will be an asset.

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