My five reasons for starting the Magic Book Club

Wizarding subscription services within Europe are rare. That is one reason to start this service: you don't want to end up paying more tax duties and shipping charges than you spent on the goodies itself. Reason number two: I checked out a lot of boxes and crates and I'm not keen on untested homemade items that aren't safe to use (like candles or aggressive bathsoaps and stinky house perfumes) or decoration that looks like edible products, but are in fact toxic. Many subscription boxes are feminine, but not everyone has got his ears pierced or wants to try on butterbeer facial cream. Some companies provide official licensed products with a design that didn't sell when it came out because of the poor design or quality. This isn't the stuff you want to end up with. We're an official company, qualified to provide you with clever designed items that are safe to use, wash, eat, burn, grow or drink. Brings us to reason number 3: the books aren't created around one house or one theme. Each book is genderneutral, veganfriendly and has both sweet, brave, scary and creative items that you really want to have when you're starting or finetuning your Harry Potter collection. Occassionally you might end up with a duplicate, but I'm sure you won't mind.

Reason number 4:  we'd like to provide you with items that go beyond one instagram or pinterest post. After unboxing, you end up with an item that is more then just a pretty display. It must be or contain something useful. Reason number 5: this is one of my creative projects, in case you like how my shop looks, you'll love my selection. We've tested our service with a small group of Potterheads to see which items got the most response. They had a hard time picking favourites, as I have given even the smaller items and printed artwork all of my attention as a Master in Visual Arts.

In case you don't know my company or you want to order à la carte check out Olleke, Wizarding Shop London (GBP)and Olleke, Wizarding Shops Maastricht and Brugge (EUR) online or visit my brick and mortar stores in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Owner of Olleke