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The Perfect Gift
for all Potterhead Collectors


How it works

Option A

Pre-order a single one-time box for € 49,90

Option B

Pre-order 4 box subscription for € 45,90 each
Bonus gift: Potion Cabinet

You save: € 16,00 compared to a single box + € 65,00 bonus gifts (€ 81,00 profit)

Option C

Pre-order 8 box subscription for € 42,90 each
Bonus: Potion Cabinet + Selected Collectable
You save: € 56,00
compared to a single box + € 110,00 bonus gifts (€ 166,00 profit)

Choose a plan

Choose a single, 4 or 8 book subscription!

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Exclusive for subscribers

You will not be able to buy the items separately in our shop! If you missed it, it's gone!

Get Free Goodies

When you preorder four or eight boxes you give your collection a kick-off.

With a four boxes pre-order subscription you'll receive a Potion Cabinet (40 x 30 x 10 cm) along with your first book.

Choose to receive eight boxes and get the Potion Cabinet, plus choose a selected official licensed item as a bonus gift.


With an eight box subscription you get one Potion Cabinet
+ one selected collectable:


The collectable official licensed bonusgifts are:

Gringotts Coins in wooden case

Felix Felicis Pendant with Display

Love Potion Pendant with Display

The Marauders' Map

One of the many Magical Creatures

A House Crest Goblet you can use to drink out.

One embroidered house crest cushion with a hidden pocket that holds a plush of the House Crest mascot*
(* in case you select the Hogwarts option, you'll get the Chocolate Frog cushion with plush Chocolate Frog)

All bonusgifts are shipped with your first Magic Book.

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